Natural Ways to Protect, Support and Improve Memory

My interest and obsession with memory support started when my mom became very forgetful to the point I became worried and even afraid for her. She would later be diagnosed with dementia and the beginning stages of Alzheimers. I researched foods, essential oils and natural regimens to help my mom, and now, years after she has passed, I use these protocols to protect my own memory and my children’s, since memory-related illnesses are genetic.

I am sharing them now, so that others may benefit. Days, weeks, and months of my research here, all in a few consolidated paragraphs and lists, to hopefully improve your quality of life as well as your loved ones.


First, I want to share foods that you will want to make a part of your weekly and perhaps even daily diet. I began my learning by reading about the benefits of coconut oil. You can find numerous posts about this alone, and it is recommended that you have a tablespoon a day to boost memory. There are many other benefits to coconut oil as well!

Breakfast is a great time to incorporate memory boosting foods into your diet. Bananas and almond butter are good for the brain and I love these two together! Greek yogurt is also excellent. I love the Chobani coconut with either ground chia or flax seeds mixed in. Flax seed and chia seed are among the top foods for brain health, and they have very little flavor, but add a nice crunch. They are excellent for smoothies as well. Avocado is high on the list of brain boosting foods, so consider avocado toast. A sunny side up egg would be amazing on top, as eggs are also good for the brain. Blueberries, or any berry for that matter, should be added to your list. They are high in antioxidants and this is good for memory. Coffee is helpful, since caffeine improves focus.

Essential Oils

There are several essential oils that I will never be with out, that are known for boosting memory and brain health. Some single oils include: rosemary, frankincense, vetiver, basil, and cedarwood. Powerful essential oil blends include: Brain Power, Clarity, Common Sense and Grounding. I use Young Living Essential Oils and they also have several other products for memory that I regularly use: Mindwise (a tablespoon a day), Ningxia Red (a shotglass a day of this antioxidant Powerhouse), and Omegagize (an Omega 3 fish oil supplement). If you would like to learn more about Mindwise, I wrote a post on this product specifically. You can purchase Young Living Products here.

In addition to Young Living Products, I also take a turmeric supplement daily. Be sure to take one that includes black pepper, otherwise, the body cannot effectively absorb the turmeric and it just passes right through you.

Foods and Products to Avoid

There are several products and foods you would want to avoid that are known to negatively impact memory and brain health. Avoid exposure to aluminum, as it has been linked to Alzheimer’s and other memory related illnesses. I no longer drink from aluminum, and do not use deodorants containing aluminum. You would be surprised how many brands do!

You will also want to cut out artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, Splenda, Sweet and low, and Equal. You can read so much research-based literature out there on the link between artificial sweeteners and decreased memory! Absolutely linked to Alzheimers. This was very upsetting to me and I became very passionate about educating others on this.

Finally, avoiding sugar, gluten and processed foods would be recommended to stay clear-headed. Avoiding these would be good advice for anyone, but especially anyone seeing clarity and a sound mind.


I am a mother, teacher, blogger and essential oils educator. I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and a closer relationship with God.

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