Madeline’s Pinky Toe, Coach Johnson, and Other Madeline

We have had some of the best laughs this week! Madeline cracks us up ALL THE TIME.


First of all, she has a pinky toe that is like a finger. She can point it and move it in all directions. I don’t know about you, but I cannot do this! Neither can Anna Claire. We call it her crazy pinky toe.


Yesterday, the girls had races on the sidewalk while I pulled weeds. Madeline has an imaginary friend “Coach Johnson” who liked deciding and calling out how they would race. “Coach Johnson says we skip! So this time we SKIP!” “Coach Johnson says we run, so let’s RUN!”


We were at the playground and Madeline kept referring to other Madeline when we would ask her questions. “Madeline, do you want to swing?” “No but Other Madeline does.” “Madeline do you want to ride in the front or the back of the airplane?” “I want the front and Other Madeline wants to ride in the back.”

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