Stop Treating Symptoms, Start Supporting Systems

Madeline was not feeling well at all yesterday evening so we are keeping her home today.

Nothing like a needing to miss a day on the second week of school to get your sub folder in order and your classroom ship shape!
I was sitting at my teacher’s desk around 5:20 this morning, half sleepy and half grateful. Grateful because I had no idea when I’d find the time to clean my classroom and get it ready for parents by Open House tomorrow and no idea when I’d get my sub folder done. Both are good to go now. 🙌🏻
What I was not and am not is worried about coughing, congested, yet happy Madeline. I love that when a child gets sick, paying $100+ for a clinic visit, often to tell me what I already know, is the no longer my first course of action. There will likely be no trip to the drug store either.
Instead we are taking our health into our own hands: supporting her respiratory system by diffusing RC blend and supporting her respiratory system with Thieves overnight has already made a world of difference. I gave her an Epsom salts bath, adding lavender and frankincense essential oils. This cost approximately $2. I’m abiding by the 24-hour-fever-free guideline and keeping her home today but she is looking and sounding so much better!


If you are ready to make the shift from treating to supporting, from sickness focused to wellness focused, I would like to warmly welcome you to my website where you will get a wonderful peak at the world of essential oils.

I am a mother, teacher, blogger and essential oils educator. I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and a closer relationship with God.

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