Whole 30: Day 2

Today I had my same banana and coffee with coconut oil. This is something I can stick with in the mornings for all 30 days.

Lunch today was at the high school and provided by a local church. I love the annual barbecue, but bypassed it for my lunch I packed from home. It was really good though! I had chicken topped with proscuitto, hard boiled eggs, carrots, apple, peach, and pear.

For dinner we had pork tenderloin with baby greens (bok choy, kale, and spinach), roasted pepper, and potatoes.

I am still getting past my red wine craving with my virgin Bloody Mary with tomato juice, jalapeno pepper juice, salt and garlic powder. Feeling good so far.

I am a mother, teacher, blogger and essential oils educator. I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and a closer relationship with God.

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