Standardized Tests: Oils to Help


As a middle school teacher I see so many students who look just like this young lady during our testing week. Struggling to concentrate, tense, can’t focus, frustrated, overwhelmed.

Well, through my journey as a parent, we have found success for all of these using our oils and I wanted to share.

Concentration:  Peppermint and/or lemon! A drop in a diffuser necklace or on a diffuser bracelet will help promote concentration for your student. There is also research to back this.

Test anxiety:  Lavender! Lavender is an oil known for calming, and it is the oil Anna Claire wears in her necklace to school. This also helps with the emotions of frustration and feeling overwhelmed.

Focus:  There is actually a combination of oils proven to help with focus, and unlike with medications, have no side effects. They are lavender, vetiver and cedarwood. Anna Claire has had so much school success since using this roller, I cannot tell you. We have since added a focus blend for kids by Young Living called Geneyus, and it is her “smarty pants” roller. She applies in the morning and keeps one in her lunchbox to apply at lunch as well.

These are my top picks for essential oils to use for kids during testing. I hope that this is able to help others!

I am a mother, teacher, blogger and essential oils educator. I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and a closer relationship with God.

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