Starter Kit Oil Series: Panaway

So happy I waited to post on this one. I was tempted to choose it right out of the gate, but have discovered new uses just in the past few days that have me excited!

Originally I used it solely to manage my lower back pain, and let me tell you, that use alone is priceless. I had been taking a prescription pain reliever for my bulging disc, as well as a muscle relaxer which both came with terrible side effects. The panaway completely relaxes my back and relieves the pain and is allowing me to be off these other meds!

Recently, I read to use deep relief for sinus pain and pressure. I did not have deep relief, but read that two is its main ingredients were peppermint and wintergreen (main ingredient in panaway). I made a blend of peppermint and panaway and it knocked that sinus headache out really quickly! Also eliminated the sinus pain and pressure I was having.

I also very recently tried panaway for cramps and was very happy with the results.

Panaway is my go to oil for pain!


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