Starter Kit Oil Series: Lavender

Since receiving our starter kit, I’ve been most surprised by the many uses of lavender, especially with children.

I knew it smelled great and relaxing, but it has replaced so many products in our home that have blown me away!

Lavender has replaced cold/allergy meds and antibiotic ointment for my kiddos. It’s the star ingredient in the eczema cream I use for the girls.

I use a drop of lavender in my mascara for longer lashes (encourages hair growth). It’s a key component of my face blend, focus blend, anxiety blend and allergy blend, it helps us all sleep, I could go on! (Btw, many of the oils for major blends mentioned above are in the starter kit!)

And these results were with therapeutic grade lavender. Not “for aromatherapy” use varieties or types say they cannot be ingested. All lavender essential oils are definitely not created equal. (Please don’t drop some random lavender oil in your mascara, y’all! That’s your eyes we’re talking about.)



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